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ESL Specialist

CELTA Certified Instructor

In high school, I had an English teacher who would let me teach lessons for lower grade levels. I know... What a nerd, right? But I've always enjoyed the challenge of teaching different grammar concepts in a way that can be understood.

As an adult, I've taken on the task of teaching these concepts to learners of English as a Second Language (ESL). I feel I'm making a difference in someone's life when I open up a new form of communication. After all, language and travel are the doors to new worlds.

And so, in this section, I lay out my services and portfolio as it pertains to teaching English. Please review, and if you would like to see more articles or talk about your project, please reach out!

Image by Ivan Shilov
Image by John Schnobrich

SEO Driven ESL Content

Since gaining my CELTA certification in 2017, I've written nearly 100 articles and lessons on ESL topics like grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, culture, expressions, and even job and business tips for ESL learners. I've also written a white paper on how technology is used in the ESL classroom. 

Additionally, I began to include my audio narration services for ESL learners in early 2020. It's a different method of narration that I'm proud to say I improve upon with every gig. 

Helping ESL learners is a passion of mine, so I invite you to please contact me if you're an ESL teaching provider, service, or school looking for content, lessons, or learning materials.

I'd love to discuss your needs and come up with viable solutions and great content.

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