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Writing & Content Creation

I write content that engages clients and drives brands. My clientele-base is global, and I've written hundreds of articles for multiple industries. Look at my portfolio to see what I can do for your brand.

Voiceover Talent

A voice is more than a voice when it makes your clients feel warm, trusting, and relaxed. It's a voice that can spread your brand's message and effectively convey information. Listen to my demos to see what I can do for your brand.

ESL Specialist

Teaching English is a passion, and as a certified CELTA instructor, I know how to do it effectively. I've combined my skills in content creation and voice over to reach more ESL learners than I ever thought possible. Look at my portfolio and let's work together!


About me

Since winning my first writing award in 3rd grade, I've had a passion for it. And for the first three decades of my life, I admit, I didn't pursue my passion fully.

But in 2017, after working in the restaurant industry for over a decade, I left to fulfill my dream of becoming a professional writer.

It wasn't easy, but I built a wonderful clientele base and worked very hard to make my dream a reality. I even expanded my services to feature voiceover artistry and ESL specialization. 

I offer the same values to every client and ensure quality work delivered in a timely manner. Contact me and let's see what I can bring to your project.

My vision has taken me all over the world, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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"Jake is the definition of how to kill it with words. He understand what you're looking for, and if he doesn't, his inquisitive nature guides him to asking the right questions in order to get the perfect picture."

"Since we've found Jake, his ability to curate, coach, and craft compelling and engaging content has been nothing short of remarkable. He is a true professional with one HELL of an ability to research what needs to be and gives 110% to achieve desired results. Definitely looking to bring Jake back on for future projects."

-Recent Upwork Clients



Sitges, Spain


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